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Weight Loss Workshop

Let Caravan Counselling help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

Weight Loss Seminar

Caravan Counselling’s Weight Loss Seminar is great for anyone who wants to lose weight. The goal of our seminar is to help our clients work through their weight issues, adjust to change, and live a happy and productive lives.

We focus on the mind-body connection and use Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-linguistic programming in order to help our clients achieve the growth they desire.


When you can’t live with the diet and it’s stressful to follow a plan, you start shaming yourself and feels like a failure because you didn’t stick to your diet plan.

  • Have you tried to lose weight for the last ten years?
  • Have you tried to diet to lose weight?
  • Have you tried many diets?
  • Are you on different diets constantly?
  • Haven’t you not only not lost weight but instead gained weight?
  • Did you lose some weight and then gain it right back with even more?
  • Do you feel despair about your weight?
  • Has your weight gone up consistently over the last few years?

Our seminar provides a space for empowered healing from eating disorders, body image, weight, and related concerns. We believe that weight loss will allow a person to deal with the stress of life. Eating disorders and related food & body image issues are multidimensional. We acknowledge neurological components as contributors along with physiological, psychological/emotional, behavioral, social, relational, familial, as well as other factors.

What You’ll Learn

What should you do instead of diet? Reprogram your unconscious mind. This means you will effectively change your eating habits. Your unconscious mind is the infinite power which is shaping your life experiences — from the types of food you eat, the shape of your body, your weight, to the actions you make each day, the level of income you earn, it’s a programmer that designs all of your responses in every situation. The programs of your conscious mind have been coded and guided by your subconscious beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and interpretations.

In other words, your subconscious mind is the conductor of the symphony of your life. It is the part of you that builds all of your habits, and your pre-programmer that designs all of your actions. Your actions will change only if you change the program first then the actions will change by itself.

  • Understand the roots of weight loss
  • Create a lifestyle that fulfills your needs and Develop healthy eating habits
  • Avoid weight-loss scams and useless supplements
  • Stay motivated for long-term results
  • Learn how one small change can make a huge difference
  • Learn about your eating habits and the psychology behind what you eat
  • Lose all the weight you want to and keep it off for life
  • Learn to develop healthy eating habits
  • Get motivated for long-term results
  • Learn to create habits which fulfill your needs and your lifestyle
  • Understand the fundamental steps in your weight loss journey
  • Learn effective and applicable strategies to resist temptations and stick to your long-term goals
  • Control over your urges
  • Understand the key psychological ingredients that are related to effective self-control
Setting the Right Goals
  • Using Small Daily Goals to Keep You on Track
  • The Best Possible Mindset for Weight Loss
  • Know Who You Are
  • Why You Eat the Way that You Eat
Creating Effective Weight Loss Habits
  • Why Habits Matter
  • How to Create New Habits for Better Weight Loss
  • How to Change Your Eating Habits to Change Your Weight
  • How to Choose the Right Triggers
  • How to Create Accountability for Yourself and Your Progress
Creating the Right Environment for Weight Loss
  • Create a Lifestyle for a Healthy Weight
  • How to Cope with Stress Instead of Just Eating
  • How to Limit Your Information Intake so You Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Information Overload
  • How to Surround Yourself with the Right People
How to Build Self-Discipline
  • Learn How to Master Willpower
  • 8 Steps to More Discipline
  • How to Visualize Your Ideal Body for More Motivation
Overcoming Common Problems
  • Change Your Lifestyle Instead of Dieting
  • How to Track Your Progress Correctly
  • 6 Psychological Tricks to Overcome Your Cravings
  • Control Over Cravings

All of this combined in our seminar will give you the best possible foundation to make sure you reach your goals.

If  you want to lose weight, feel great again and live a healthier life, this is the right seminar for you. 

Through my study, research, and practice as a psychotherapist, I have learned the key steps to reach a weight loss goal. In the 12 key steps series, I will also teach those insights in this seminar. 

If You Want to Lose Weight, Feel Great and Live A Healthier Life, this is the Right Seminar for You.

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