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Caravan Counselling Services in Saskatoon

Giti Caravan

Giti Caravan

M.Ed., (Psych) CCCP, Certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Master NLP Coach, Author, and Business Consultant

I Giti Caravan was raised in a loving and supporting family. My mom would always tell me that the biggest gain is to embrace any opportunity to learn and root-of-all-evil is lack of desire to learn. I grew up with by having learned as my highest value. I started my grade one at the age of five and went almost in the middle of the year. My second older sister home-schooled me and thought me to read and write before I go to school, as she was practicing her role as a teacher and my role as an enthusiastic student. Luckily she was a very inspiring teacher and I am grateful to her, she aspired me that I am a fast learner, and I inspired her that she was a good teacher, she practiced her real future job with me.

As I started towards my career, all I knew I was fascinated with the individual personality differences. If someone had asked me who I wanted to be I would have said that I want to be someone who can make changes in people’s lives, my passion directed me to Psychology but didn’t know how am I going to do what I am dreaming and wishing to do. I had a dream to be able to read patterns of people’s behaviors and find a magic way to direct them towards success. I was always curious about how some people are so happy and have a fulfilled life. I was wondering, how do they think. Psychology was like studying magic, and being a psychotherapist was being a magician to me. It was my perception of these professions that fascinated me. I perceived psychology as the study of magic because all of our power is in our mind. Luckily, I began to study psychology, so I understood what a great dream was like by starting to live it.

As I started to study, research, experience, and practice as a psychotherapist, I was so amazed by psychology that I didn’t see it as an area of study, but as following my dream. I was fascinated by the notion of psychology as supernatural, and, within psychology, I explored a lot of capacities. I started my Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, my Master’s was in Educational Psychology and continued with extensive training. I hold numerous certifications including with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, Certified medical intuitive, Certified trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming & certified trainer of Hypnotherapy with American Board of NLP and American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Additionally, I have co-authored manuscripts and published some individual journal articles and research. I want to continue my learning in the field of psychology because of the immense joy and fulfillment I find in helping others become their best. I learned more so not only could help myself but also could help others, and burning desire to learn and to contribute to others, took me on the journey to be able to share what I learned with a larger audience, and inspired me to write my book. I felt it was time for me to share my experience with others, to give more, to really experience the real meaning of life.

I have been able to perform profound and long-lasting changes in my clients’ lives, including overcoming stuttering or phobias, frequently within one session. I have a never-ending passion for studying psychology. From the time that I began to study psychology, I found that what excites me most of all was the investigation, observation, and understanding of solutions, as well as the keys of success or fruitful thinking that make people healthy, happy, and satisfied. I studied, researched and practiced the full cycle of learning the knowledge and then applying it. 

Watching the positive effect I have had on my clients’ lives always fills me with inspiration and pride, and I hope that I can help people more and more and create rapid results in their lives. 

I feel the real meaning of life when a person can find her passion and follow it to develop his/her gifts and can help others to do the same for themselves. I wrote to this book as a gift and share what I know with those people who:

  1. Are long life learners,
  2. Are looking for direction in their lives
  3. Are on the path of growth and pursue goals
  4. Want to reach to the next level of their lives
  5. Want to find their power
  6. Want to know and understand self and they are on the path of self-discovery

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