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CUTV News Radio Spotlights Giti Caravan of Caravan Counselling

Let Caravan Counselling help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

CUTV News Radio Spotlights Giti Caravan of Caravan Counselling

Saskatoon, SK – Change is part of life but growth is optional. Therapy can offer essential support to a person struggling to cope and take their life to the next step, but what is often lacking is a focus on the future, a path toward personal growth.

Giti Caravan is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, leadership coach, consultant and the founder of Caravan Counselling. Through a unique combination of traditional psychotherapy and new age psychotherapy modalities, Caravan Counselling Saskatoon offers quick and profound results.

I’ve always been searching for something that offers rapid results to my clients,” says Giti. “New age psychotherapy gave me a new perspective on how therapy can work. It’s what my clients respond to and that’s been the key to my success.

Giti was first introduced to new age psychotherapy when she recognized a need to be stronger personally in order to be more effective for her clients.

I would become so emotionally involved with people’s problems that it would drain me," says Giti. "I realized if I wanted to become part of the solution in people’s lives and that’s what I’m passionate about, I have to work on myself.

Counseling enables her to figure out her client’s “map;” how their thinking is related to their problem. Together, Giti and her client shift that thinking through memory, but more importantly, imagination.

I see therapy as an art,” says Giti. “The art of my practice is to help my clients see for themselves the great potential that I see in them, who they really are and what they can become in their lives.

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