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About Me

I am a professional Psychotherapist, Counselor, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer, Executive Coach wanting to go and assisting people to be the one who they want to become. I have a work experience of more than 20 years being a student of mental health research officer.
I assure quick results to clients and assist them to heal depression as fast as possible.
I am expert in curing phobias in less than 20 minutes and I can also assist you to double your income.

My involvement in the study, research and work in the area of mental health for the past 30 years has provided me with hands-on experience in dealing with a range of issues enabling me to effectively serve the needs of my counselling practice. In addition to my classical training and certificates in psychology and counselling, I have received issues-targeted training and attended numerous professional workshops to stay current with the state-of-the-art strategies in counselling, allowing me to deal with any issue that my clients are facing in their lives. Working as a Counselor/ Consultant Psychotherapist / Life Coach / Hypnotherapist has always been pure joy for me and I am grateful to be able to work in the field that I am passionate about.

My prime objective is to make people reach where they actually want to go and who they actually want to become in their life. I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and masters of Education Psychology plus numerous other training to assist my clients very efficiently.

I have always been interested in positive psychology and the nature of self-empowerment and healing. Some of the gifts that I contribute to my work include inspiration, intuition and an optimistic attitude. I help my clients to see for themselves the great potential that I see in them. The art of my practice is to mirror the abilities of my clients and to empower them by communicating hope and insight, enabling them to see who they are and what they can become in their lives. The philosophy of my practice is to make positive changes in my clients’ lives. When people walk in to be counselled, there is something in their lives at the present, past or future that bothers them or they are unhappy about. My goal is to help them to gain a different perception and interpretation of the situation and many walks out with an enlightened vision. Some of my clients find the changes that they experience to happen so fast that they describe it as leaving them with a sense of wonderment. In fact, miracles are just changing the perception by which a person can see a situation from a state of power, instead of seeing it from a state of fear and vulnerability. In other words, they see themselves as bigger and stronger than the problem, and this is when they can see they have better options to choose from.

Based on these principles, I have been able to help my clients make a miracle, happen in their daily lives. Most of my clients start to see and feel the changes even from their first session and many have lots of magical moments and tremendous success in their third session. I have had many clients who have been in a clinical depression and by the third session were at the normal range again.

The combination of my training makes me unique not only in the province of Saskatchewan but also National wide Canada.