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How Physical Pain Get Relived Through Resolving Emotional Problems


There is a difference between curing and healing. When someone gets medication for a condition, the medication may just cures the condition or symptoms and it has been done by someone and something else and the cure could be only on the surface, leaving the true cause intact. Healing on the other hand, is from within and the person does it all for him/herself. In fact Healing is not only to start feeling good from within but frequently feeling better than before.




Headaches are one of the most common physical complaints that has emotion root, I encounter in my clients. Most people experience headaches from time to time, but for many they are frequent, long-lasting, or so severe that are incapacitating.

Back Pain



Why is back pain so common yet doctors continue to find no physical cause? Whether it’s lower back pain or upper back pain, often x-rays and other scans reveal no physical trauma that can explain the pain you’re experiencing.

Modern medicine is slowly acknowledging that there is an emotional component that affects our backs which their instruments can not measure. Once this emotional component is cleared, the back pain is often relieved or completely gone. Physical therapies, if still required, are then more permanent and lasting.

Fibromyalgia and Depression



No matter which came first—fibromyalgia or depression—the combination of both can have a person feeling like s/he is in the mist of a powerful downward swirl. The drain of fibromyalgia pain leaves one physically listless. The weight of clinical depression takes away the emotional energy to fight the flow. Just getting diagnosed can take a long time and then there is no permanent cure for either condition. Relief from fibromyalgia pain and depression’s emotional flat line is available through what was once considered inconsequential and an alternative solution.

How successful someone suffering from fibromyalgia and depression is with the therapeutic alternatives offered, can depend on how serious the symptoms are. Fibromyalgia is called a syndrome because the diagnosis is based on a group of symptoms, much like depression. Symptoms for both are also symptoms for many other medical conditions that a doctor wants to rule out, which takes time. Often, anti-depressants will be prescribed as a first line of defense against the increasing apathy a doctor sees in a patient as the list of tests go on without relief from any of the symptoms. This apathy is the enemy of positive action. Although anti-depressants are a component of fibromyalgia and depression treatments, much more is needed to pull the person into a recovery frame of mind. Effective counselling and psychotherapy are essential in healing and resolving all the emotional bagages that a person is holding onto for so long.