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Coaching Program


The Success Coaching Program provided by Caravan Counselling Services is intended for people who are ready to make a commitment to their own success. This powerful process will transform your life! I will take a detailed personal history based on the presenting problem and then assist you to pursue your dreams.

To follow is a list of services (some are optional) provided through Caravan Success Coaching Program:


  • empowering your thinking by removing any negative emotions that have been plaguing you
  • eliminating any thoughts or behaviors that are producing results other than the ones you desire, and
  • building powerful resources for your future to achieve any goals easily and effortlessly

Think of this the Personal Breakthrough Coaching as your opportunity to upgrade your mind. With my help, you will design the life and psychology you have always wanted.

If you want to take your career or life to the next level or if you have a problem that has been troubling you, this is the solution you want!

The Personal Breakthrough Coaching focuses on the solution and your overall development and growth during the process of achieving your objectives.

This process is also great for those who are aiming to become more successful in dealing with multi-tasking jobs, or are going through a big change in their life or other challenges in everyday work.

You will learn how to


  • manage your time more effectively
  • become very efficient in your communication skills,
  • build and solidify relationships,
  • influence others, or
  • bring up your productivity.

Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing coaching is designed for regular support for 6 months (weekly or based your need at some point bi-weekly). This coaching program provides you with a plan to stay successful and motivated as you tackle challenges, face ongoing changes in life, and/or overcome any issue. Because of an unlimited phone, text and email access to my services, which are part of the Ongoing Coaching, this is also a cost effective way to keep yourself improving and to ensure balanced success in your life.

Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions (based on my assessment of the client’s need) are great for anyone who is in the process of embracing changes and overcoming the hurdles and needs a long-term coaching.