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Mentoring program


The Success Mentoring Program provided by Caravan Counselling Services is intended for people who are ready to make a commitment to their own success. This agreement summarizes the process and procedures and outlines the expectations to be followed in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Please read this agreement and sign it. Your signature will indicate that you have read and understood the agreement conditions. In an attached questionnaire, you will be asked about your present conditions for which you seek mentoring as well as any other issues you would like to have addressed.

As a mentor, I have created a model of excellence to change people’s lives and strategize them to make great decisions and to choose the best options in every situation, from their personal life and relationships to professional settings. I enable them to move from good to great. I facilitate personal and professional growth in an individual by sharing the knowledge and insights that I have learned through 28 years of being a lifetime student and a mental health practitioner. I have guided people from diverse walks of life to their destination. My mentees have included many successful individuals at executive positions, some being life coaches or health professionals themselves who are striving for excellence. My mentees will be receiving a personalized mentoring program while benefiting from my acquired wisdom and years of practice and experience. What you have learned, I teach you the application of it because knowledge is not powered the application of it is power.