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The Unconscious Mind


Negative Emotions are stored at the unconscious Level—in the Unconscious Mind. Your Unconscious Mind doesn’t really want them there because they are not good for you! You need to know that your Unconscious Mind is a wonderful, loving, caring part of your entire being, and it really loves you. It looks up to you like a younger brother or sister, who might be age 5, 6, or 7. Your Unconscious Mind really loves you and wants to do what you ask it to do. The trouble is that for all these years you haven’t asked it to do anything, or if you have, you probably didn’t ask it in a way that would produce results.

Instead, you’ve probably suggested most things to your Conscious Mind, the part of your mind that you’re aware of, and its function is not necessarily about wanting to please you and do what you ask it to. Also, the Unconscious Mind really responds to praise and acknowledgement, just like we do and you probably haven’t known how to give it that acknowledgement either. In my session ™ session you’ll learn how to become a master communicator with your Unconscious Mind.

Your Unconscious Mind is the part of you that commands your heart to beat, 60 or 70 times a minute, to circulate your blood, to breathe, etc. It circulates your lymph system and causes your immune system to work. It does all of that and a thousand times more. So if it can do these miraculous things so automatically, do you really think helping you to create things you want in your life would be difficult for it? Of course not. Once you learn how to communicate with your Unconscious Mind…it will automatically help you create the future that you want again and again and again.

Because if your Unconscious Mind runs your body, and it does, and if your Unconscious Mind is in charge of your memories, and it is, and in charge of all your behavior and all of your learning, and all change, wouldn’t that be a good part of you to get to know? It would be wouldn’t it?

I know it’s possible that you might think that the Unconscious Mind is evil, dirty or nasty, and that is only possible if…can you understand that if you have a lot of unresolved negative emotions lurking about in your Unconscious Mind, that it would seem that your Unconscious Mind was not good. However, because the Unconscious Mind has the responsibility of having to release the negative emotions and to get rid of the blocks in the nervous system, the Unconscious Mind has to continually bring up that stuff for you to release, you maybe could buy into the notion that the Unconscious Mind isn’t particularly friendly to you. But the fact is that the minute you know how to let go of all that stuff, it won’t have to keep reminding you, by bringing up negative emotions. They’ll be gone. And you’ll be the master of your own mind, instead of it being your master.