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Shift Program

If you are in a trap of a cycle either in relationship with your partner or family and you get the same results over and over, you have a wrong direction. In this program that take about four hours you will break the cycle.

If you are in a bad cycle and no matter how hard and how careful you are you are in the merry go around. Your level of thinking created that situation for you. Therefore, in order for you to change this cycle you have to go above this level of thinking and understanding to be able to heal this cycle. In the other hand, with the level of understanding that you create a vicious cycle or pattern or multiple pattern, you can’t heal the problem you have to go above that understanding to be able to change the cycle and have control over it. Some people wait years or month before they want to enter into the situation again, while time is the cheapest factor. For example after a relationship or multiple relationships, that failed, they wait for a period of time without any professional help they go and give another try. Consequently, their lives become trial and error because without learning and have a deep level of understanding you would never be able to create the change.

Some people try to do exact opposite of they did before, which in essence, to sides of a coin are the same coin. For example in their previous job or relationship they were very obedient and didn’t work out and now in the next job or relationship are hyper vigilant, or very rebellious and it wouldn’t work for them for long either. Because change is 90 degree angle not 180, since 180 degree is the other side of the same spectrum, which would be the same pattern in different extreme.

“Definition of insanity is, to do the same thing over and over and expect to get different results” (Aristatol). When we do one thing and we don’t get the results that we wanted the odds that we might not have a right direction. By changing the direction we can get total different results and that’s what the Shift program does.

Because shifting the direction is rapid, however, reaching the destination is a process.

In this program you will have totally different understanding that would release your old paradigm. You would be able to break the old results and reach to the results that you desire.