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Quit Smoking


The service provides comprehensive and effective smoking cessation advice and support to those living and working. The service also offers brief intensive and intervention smoking cessation training to health experts with an interest in smoking cessation.

The service has over hundreds of advisors working in various locations to offer tailored and individual support to those giving up smoking and advice service is accessible to those not able to attend outpatient clinics. Several patients may prefer group therapy sessions. Groups are generally five to fifteen people in size.

Smoking in workplaces was banned, however, several people still select take smoking breaks during their working day. This service supports those trying to literally give up workplace smoking in either stressful works or where mates are taking smoking breaks and where extra support may be required.

Advisers offer workplace support to those interested in giving up and acknowledge other options with staff who do not desire to stop, for instance cutting down to quit or utilizing Nicotine Replacement Therapy to get through a working day.

Clinics run particularly for people with mental health issues, pregnant women, and for speakers of a variety of other languages.

Clients will be advised on the appropriate products to use and offered regular support, information, and advice.