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Have you ever wished to radiate self-confidence without words, embrace opportunities without hesitation, develop self-assurance without arrogance, and have serenity without impassivity? If your answered yes, then this book is for you. Giti Caravan draws on her thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist, counselor, business consultant, hypnotherapy trainer, and neuro-linguistic programming and leadership coach to share proven processes, procedures, and steps to achieve more than you ever thought possible. She provides examples, anecdotes, insights, and advice so you can: · Define yourself clearly to align your focus with true self · Find your power and direct it to transform your dreams into reality · See not only the glass half full, but also refillable · Enhance your life, filled with joy and pride Concepts are explained in an easy-to-apply manner and are designed to help you create a system to reach your goals—no matter what they are or how impossible they seem. Get simple guidance to boosting your confidence and start embracing all that’s possible with the lessons in 12 Key Steps to Build High Confidence.

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